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Dog Down 1

69cm x 47cm   Ink on illustration board 2015

mec fly

ink on illustration board 1990.

Leaving the rocking horse factory

Pencil on paper 1980′s

Rote 1

ink /illustration board   2014

For sale soon.

Acid plain

Gormenghast Tree

ink / illustration board   2014

Daytime People
Daytime People

... [ more ]

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Fleshing shed
Fleshing shed

Pre production image. Exterior view... [ more ]

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Dog Down 1
Dog Down 1

69cm x 47cm   Ink on illustration board 2015... [ more ]

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The Mountains of Madness 3
The Mountains of Madness 3

ink on illustration board 2014... [ more ]

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  • Daytime People

    ... [ more ]

  • Why?

    We were all stuck in the field near Furl. The attempt by Fred Gambino to airbrush it out had not worked. I asked Mr Halkes to dream us away, but he said he couldn’t. Mr ... [ more ]

  • Fish totems

    Concept image for the Shingle Dance animation project... [ more ]

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