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Gormenghast Tree

ink / illustration board   2014

Snake woman

Ink on illustration board  1970′s


Section 22 GI

ink on illustration board 2014

Ice Walkers

You could hear it cracking underfoot

size: 40″ x 54″ Condensed charcoal, crayon, montage on paper. 1980′s


Blood buckets

1980′s  4′x5′  approx . paper ,compress charcoal, montage, oil stick.

Max is Dead

Born: Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph 6th July 1832

Declared himself Emperor of Mexico 10th April 1864

Captured and executed 1867.

Oil stick on paper 4′ x 5′ approx

Hilda is not pleased
Hilda is not pleased

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Fleshing shed
Fleshing shed

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Gormenghast Tree
Gormenghast Tree

ink / illustration board   2014... [ more ]

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Lagoon 1
Lagoon 1

ink / illustration board  2014  ... [ more ]

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