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Predatory music

I’d never thought of music  as  being  predatory before and I  squeezed in on myself, stopped walking,  and stood very still
 It stalked around me, I could hear it in the grass at the road sides, then it rushed in with a tumultuous whoosh and knocked me sideways . My head rang, my ears hurt and I moaned with the pain of it; then  it  licked my left hand and was gone. I stood there not daring to move, then I heard other  sounds:  human  voices, animal calls, the chug and whirr of  machinery,  explosions of  air and a myriad of   smells  associated with  a fairground.
Where was it,  it seemed so near, close by up ahead, and yet, I could see  absolutely no  sign of it, nor for that matter, anything else in front of me, not even a star in the sky above nor the road I trod. The world ahead appeared to have disappeared. There was only darkness. I did not reach out, less the recent lick became a bite.
I looked back the way I had come and straightway breathed a sigh of relief, because   the road behind me  was still there, still discernible in the last faint after burn of the intransigent day. I could see the dark shape of trees and the contours of the landscape but when I turned reassured to the front once again it was just as before, there was nothing but blackness.
Jesus’s marbles.
 I  pulled one of the the glowing glass orbs from my pocket, no less weary than before, and  held it out on my open palm.
There was an immediate whoosh! and burst of light ; momentarily dazzled I tried to throw the marble away but couldn’t. I stumbled blindly forward into the blackness and straightway collided with something soft and velvety, and  push as I might, found it impossible to proceed further .
 I blinked,  rubbed my eyes and stepped backwards. What had I walked into? I held out my open hand and in the humming glow of the marble saw  that a huge curtain barred my way. it was a deep ruby red colour. Beyond  the light it was  strangely intangible. I moved first one way then another and could find no end to it. I could only guess at how high and wide it was.   I mounted the verge  to my left and walked into the trees,  thinking to find a way around it, my way lit by the marbles glow.

The broken dairy fragment ian miller © 2010

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