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Red stitch


On a square of blood red cobbles surrounded by tall Lime trees I waited   in a silent unmoving line. The light was not good at that hour.

A dog barked intermittently from somewhere beyond the trees.

My left arm hurt with the weight of a large bag, cialis which I seemed unable to put down and I bent to ease this discomfort by resting it on the ground.

To my surprise the whole line bent with me and when I straightened up so did they.

I looked more closely at my silent companions   and to my astonishment saw that not one of them had eyes   a mouth or a face to speak of.

More worrying still, ampoule each of them carried a short handled scythe in his left hand, symptoms or should I say a rudely sown Hessian mitt.

As to their right, this I now saw was sown to the shoulder of the creature beside them.

When I stepped back, they stepped back also. When I tried to rid myself of the bag by shaking it violently they wavered as though caught in a strong wind. When I whirled the bag around my head, they cut circles in the air with their short handled scythes.

Frightened by the swish of steel I stumbled away across the square and the line followed me. When I tripped and fell they encircled me.


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